Mick O'Shea

Mick O’Shea is one of Australia’s most respected hard rock drummers. Mick has played with top Aussie rock bands including Judge Mercy, Billy Thorpe Band, Rose Tattoo and Swanee. He also played drums on the recent Richie Sambora/Orianthi tour of Australia.
Mick’s connection with Bounty Hunters guitarist David Hinds goes back to the ’80’s when the the pair worked on recordings together in David’s studio, and they also had a band together called Big Night Out which did several gigs on the Mid North Coast of NSW and recorded a 3 track demo at EMI Studios 301 in Sydney.
Mick’s powerhouse sledgehammer style of playing is perfectly suited to the Bounty Hunters sound, and he and bass player Lyn Hinds make up a formidable rhythm section.

Mick is endorsed by Sakae drums.